Why is Perfect Pits Deodorant Different?

Why is Perfect Pits Deodorant Different?
- "Our deodorant is different."
- "Uh huh... They all say that."
- "No, it really is."
First off, it's a whole-body deodorant cream. Keep reading to find out more about that! Pretty much anywhere there's a potential for stinkage, you can now defeat.
Second, you know how all of the "natural" deodorants with baking soda cause a burning rash & often times still don't work very well?
That's not us.
Our deodorant doesn't even contain baking soda, and it's effective ALL day long.

We've even gone over-night without showering, & the next morning there's still no stink.

Our formula truly is unique. And YES, it actually works. We're not just saying that.
Here's why:

Not only is our Perfect Pits™ Deodorant FREE of toxic chemicals (including cancer-causing neurotoxins like aluminum, & endocrine/hormone disrupters that most deodorants contain)... but we also don't use questionable "natural" ingredients (like titanium dioxide, etc.), that other so-called "natural" companies use.

Hint: Reading the ingredients list is important, EVEN IF they claim to be natural. We invite you to read ours.

We researched the world over to find healthy, stink-stopping ingredients that work, and we found them! Here's why they work (no baking soda needed):

  • Our Butters & Oils ~ serve a fresh-pit-purpose with their anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, to prevent & kill off the bad guys. 
  • Our Beeswax ~ provides an extra layer of protection from pit moisture, but still allows your body to naturally sweat a bit… (which it's supposed to do!).
  • Our Arrowroot: soothes & calms your skin, while absorbing underarm moisture.
  • Our powerful Magnesium & Zinc are the 2 key ingredients that keep you fresh all day or longer! We only use non-nano zinc oxide, so it only stays on the surface of your skin & does not absorb.
  • If you're not a fan of scented things, try our No-Scent formula. It doesn't contain any essential oils, and it has only the very subtle scent of the base ingredients themselves.
  • We also have Wonderful Scents we're confident you'll love, that include a minimal amount of plant oils/extracts for additional power. They also smell astonishingly wonderful, but NOT overpowering… Just enough to be pleasant & do the job.

Guess what else?  

    It Can Also Be Used On Your:

    1. Feet
    2. Décoletté (ie: between & under your breasts)
    3. Belly button
    4. Skin folds
    5. Private Areas (exterior ONLY ~ not interior)
    6. Behind your ears
    We're keeping you fresh in ALL the important places.


    So, why a jar, and not a stick?

    1 ~ Glass jars are reusable (Look for a blog post on this in the future. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for reusing & repurposing your jars!)
    2 ~ It's easy to scoop out with the back of your fingernail, or a popsicle stick, or a small scoop/spoon… and (just being honest here) you won't get gross hairs & lint stuck all over it, like your deodorant stick does.
    3 ~ Applying with your fingers gives your lymph nodes a nice massage, which is VERY beneficial in keeping your body's lymphatic detox system moving.
    4 ~ A little goes a VERY long way. Just a pea size (or less) works for most pits. Personally, I only use half a pea-size per pit!
    5 ~ Complete coverage. You can actually feel exactly where it's being applied, without a big wonky stick smearing too much or too little, in the wrong spots.
    6 ~ It puts you in touch with your own body. Application of personal-care products with your own skin allows you to be consciously aware of your physical body & connect with yourself & your senses.
    7 ~ It's easy to travel with! Both our mini & full-size jars are perfect for on the go (in your purse, or for a trip!). And with the self-sealing lid, it won't leak, even if it melts from being left left in a hot car! That can't be said about sticks. No, sticks don't melt as easily, but if they do, it's just a big “hot mess.” And ours is not. :)
    8 ~ Because it's pretty… It can sit on your countertop without being an eyesore. You can even organize a display of all your favorite Missouri Homestead Co., Pits & Pearlies products, so they're attractively within reach, whenever you need them.
    Will we do a stick version down the road? Maybe, maybe not. Our feedback on the deodorant cream has been wonderful enough, that at this point, we're happy with our cute & convenient little jars. We hope you will be too!
    And just a tip: Perfect Pits™ Deodorant goes perfectly with our Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste. It really is the Perfect PairEnjoy smelling great, in ALL the important places... naturally.

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