Why is Perfect Pits Deodorant Different?

Why is Perfect Pits Deodorant Different?
- "Our deodorant is different."
- "Yeah whatever..."
- "No, it really is."
First off, it's a whole-body deodorant. Keep reading to find out more about that! Pretty much anywhere there's a potential for stinkage, you can now defeat.
Second, you know how all of the "natural" deodorants with baking soda cause a burning rash & often times still don't work very well?
That's not us.
Our deodorant doesn't even contain baking soda, and it's effective ALL day long. We've even gone over-night without showering, & the next morning there's still no stink.
Our formula truly is unique. And YES, it actually works. We're not just saying that.
Here's why:

Not only is our Perfect Pits™ Deodorant FREE of toxic chemicals (including cancer-causing neurotoxins like aluminum, & endocrine/hormone disrupters that most deodorants contain)... but we also don't use questionable "natural" ingredients (like titanium dioxide, etc.), that other "natural" companies use.

Hint: Reading the ingredients list is important, EVEN IF they claim to be natural.

We also searched the world over to find healthy, stink-stopping ingredients that do NOT include baking soda, and we found them! Here's why they work (no baking soda needed):

  • Our Butters & Oils ~ serve a fresh-pit-purpose with their anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, to prevent & kill off the bad guys. 
  • Our Beeswax ~ provides an extra layer of protection from pit moisture, but still allows your body to naturally sweat a bit… (which it's supposed to do!).
  • Our Arrowroot: soothes & calms your skin, while absorbing underarm moisture.
  • Our powerful Magnesium & Zinc are the 2 key ingredients that both stop the stink before it starts, & keep you fresh all day! We only use non-nano zinc oxide, so it only stays on the surface of your skin.
  • If you're not a fan of scented things, try our Light & Natural formula. It has a very subtle smell of simple coconut & mango butter, which are only the base ingredients themselves.
  • We also have Wonderful Scents we're confident you'll love, that include a minimal amount of plant extracts and/or oils for added anti-bacterial & anti-fungal power. They also smell astonishingly wonderful, but not overpowering… In fact, if you were to sniff your pits later in the day, you may or may not even smell anything, because we only use just enough for it to be pleasant & do the job!

Guess what else?  

    It Can Also Be Used On Your:

    1. Feet
    2. Décoletté (ie: between & under your breasts)
    3. Belly button
    4. Skin folds
    5. Private Areas (exterior, not interior)
    6. Behind your ears
    We're keeping you fresh in ALL the important places.


    So, why a jar, and not a stick?

    1 ~ Glass jars are reusable (Look for a blog post on this in the future. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for reusing & repurposing your jars!)
    2 ~ It's easy to scoop out with the back of your fingernail, or a popsicle stick, or a small scoop/spoon… and (just being honest here) you won't get gross hairs & lint stuck all over it, like your deodorant stick does.
    3 ~ Applying with your fingers gives your lymph nodes a nice massage, which is VERY beneficial in keeping your body's lymphatic detox system moving.
    4 ~ A little goes a VERY long way. Just a pea size (or less) works for most pits. Personally, I only use half a pea-size per pit!
    5 ~ Complete coverage. You can actually feel exactly where it's being applied, without a big wonky stick smearing too much or too little, in the wrong spots.
    6 ~ It puts you in touch with your own body. Application of personal care products with your own skin allows you to be consciously aware of your physical body & connect with yourself in the present.
    7 ~ It's easy to travel with! Both our mini & full-size jars are perfect for on the go (in your purse, or for a trip!). And with the self-sealing lid, it won't leak, even if it melts from being left left in a hot car! That can't be said about sticks. No, sticks don't melt as easily, but if they do, it's just a big “hot mess.” And ours is not. :)
    8 ~ Because it's pretty… It can sit on your countertop without being an eyesore. You can even organize a display of all your favorite Missouri Homestead Co., Pits & Pearlies products, so they're attractively within reach, whenever you need them.
    We may end up doing a stick version down the road... maybe. At this point though, we're happy with our cute & convenient little jars. We hope you will be too!
    And just a tip: Perfect Pits™ Deodorant goes perfectly with our Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste. It really is the Perfect PairEnjoy smelling great, in ALL the important places... naturally.

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