And What's In OUR Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste?

Simple, natural, non-toxic ingredients like:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Mineral clays
  • Arrowroot
  • Baking soda
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Stevia ~ (pure green herb stevia & no-chemical filtered white stevia)
  • Xylitol ~ (non-GMO from birch trees or organic corn)
  • Pure Essential Oils & Extracts ~ (very low concentration)

Similar ingredients (plus magnesium & non-nano zinc) are in our Perfect Pits & Parts™ Deodorant too! 




We use only pure plant oils, butters, waxes, & occasional beeswax. We do not use any toxic/synthetic ingredients. On rare occasion, we may have to use a naturally refined oil, butter, or wax for certain consistencies & scents. BUT we make sure the process is only done through water refining or natural filtering using diatomaceous earth (or the like), with NO toxic chemical refining/processing.
We only use herbs, oils, & plant extracts, or the natural scent of the actual ingredient itself (such as cocoa butter) to sent our products. We do not use any artificial fragrances.
We only use herbs, oils, & plant extracts, or the natural taste of the actual ingredient itself (such as mint leaf) which naturally flavors our products. We do not use any artificial flavorings. 
We only use pure, plant or mineral based liquids & powders to color our products. We do not use any artificial colors.

We use only pure plant & earth based ingredients. We do not use any artificial, adulterated, or toxic ingredients. If we ever find that an ingredient is questionable after we've begun using it, we will STOP its use & find other alternatives immediately.

The only way our ingredients would be detrimental to someone, is if the person is allergic or sensitive to a particular ingredient. Please be responsible & read labels before using, since they may change once in a while, as we continually improve our formulations... If you have any questions about ingredients, please email us (hello@thelittlehomesteadco) or fill out the contact form.


We do not use artificial or synthetic preservatives in our products. Some of our ingredients (such as herbs & essential oils) already provide varying levels of natural preservation, and oil/powder based products (which most of ours are), do not require additional preservatives.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we do not use added preservatives, please DO NOT allow water to get in your containers. This will prevent mold & microbes from forming & ruining your product.

With the exception of a very few cases, companies that use water-based products without a natural or synthetic preservative are RISKING YOUR HEALTH.

Due to the pure & non-toxic philosophy we embrace, we are VERY selective in, & conscious of our suppliers & the ingredients we use.
We are pleased to announce, that if & when we choose to make any water-based or other products that need to be additionally preserved, we will be working with a company called Active Micro Technologies, that manufactures natural preservatives using plant ferments that are FREE of GMO's, synthetics, & toxic chemicals!
  • The preservatives we will use (if any), are made from ferments of Radish Root, Black Currants, Aspen Bark, Kimchii, Elderberry, Coconut, Lactobacillus.
  • They are GMO Free with NO Ethoxylation, NO Irradiation, NO Sulphonation, NO Ethylene Oxide treatment, NO Hydrogenation, NO Preservatives, NO Additives, & NO Solvents.
*A while back, a statement was made about a so-called "study" conducted by a competitor of Active Micro Technologies, that aimed to damage their reputation. However, AMT responded to the claims & communicated with us directly. Due to their response, we are confident that the defaming claims were 100% false. If you would like access to that information, please reach out to, & they will be happy to provide you with more information.

Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste will fast become your favorite... Why? Because ALL the things:

1. ZERO toxic fluoride, toxic preservatives, toxic chemicals, GMO's, artificial ingredients... ONLY ingredients that are good for you!
2. Sensitive Teeth & Gums?  Sensory Issues? - Our toothpaste is perfect for BOTH.

3. NO water required. So it's perfect for purses & travel bags. Lids have a leak/spill proof inner seal. Can be spit in the trash, sink, or toilet - but even if you swallow, it's not toxic! Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste can be used after dinner at restaurants, & can double as a breath freshener. 
You can use water if you want to, but you don't need to! 

NOTE: Do not get water in the jars. We don't use commercial chemical preservatives, so if water gets trapped inside your jar, fuzzies will grow. If water does accidentally get inside, leave the lid off for several hours (or more) to completely dry out. If fuzzies form, please throw away & purchase a new jar just to be safe.

4. Easy application - Use a the back tip of your toothbrush, a popsicle stick, or your fingernail to scoop out a small amount. Apply to teeth & start brushing with or without water... We recommend a soft-bristle toothbrush, because medium & hard bristles can wear away enamel.
5. Requires only a pea-size amount. Lasts for months, with our large jar lasting up to 500 brushes, depending on the size of your "pea!" Costs just pennies per serving!
6. Gently exfoliates for incredible cleaning & whitening power. Low on the (RDA) Relative Dentin Abrasion scale.
7. Plant & Mineral Based - Herbs, botanicals, mineral clay powder, plant oils & butters, essential oils and/or plant extracts.  We're not a "vegan" company, but this toothpaste is, in fact, vegan.
8. Gluten Free - Many toothpastes contain gluten. Ours does not... Please read ingredients list on packaging before using, since formulations may be adjusted periodically without notice, as we continuously add too & improve our products.
9. So incredibly creamy & cleansing, it leaves your teeth feeling smoother than you've probably ever felt in your entire tooth-brushing lifetime.
10. Melted in transit from hot weather? No problem! Simply put in the fridge until thickened & stir or whip back up. If the fridge makes it too hard to stir, leave on counter until it softens up, then stir. Because our toothpaste is whipped, melting may cause air bubbles to deflate, which will cause your jar to look less full. Please know that the same amount of toothpaste is in the jar, & quality due to melting is not compromised!