Welcome to The Little Homestead Co.

We are gratefully, confidently, and unapologetically a Christian, Conservative, Constitution Loving, Patriot Friendly, Small Family Business that wants to help you take back your Health & Freedom.

My name is Jennifer Dayley. My journey began in 2007, when I was 50 pounds overweight, had over 20 health issues, and took a myriad of pharma drugs for 18 years that only made me worse over time.

Finally, after so much praying, I was directed to researching down the rabbit hole, then waking up and embracing allllllllll the natural things that centered around holistic living & homesteading.

ie: Home remedies, Home-grown, Home-made, Home-cooked, Home school, Home birth, Home Grocery Store, Home everything.

And my life was forever changed... as was that of my little family.

The weight fell off, I ditched Big Pharma, & I healed from most of the 20+ health issues (only 2 of which I'm still patient with when they do surface, as I continue working through them to heal).

My family of 6 dropped from 11 medications down to just ONE ~ (used only when absolutely necessary for an auto-immune condition, & they're also working to ditch that one too).


The Old Me (in my 30's):                 The New Me (in my 40's):


Aside from 2 emergency room visits & a physical for a church mission, we haven't been to doctors or hospitals in over a decade!

We learned how to prevent & treat illnesses at home, with occasional visits (if needed) to natural care providers such as herbalists, homeopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, foot zoners, mind-body workers, etc.

This simpler, slower, self-sustaining lifestyle resonated with me, because I'd always been more of an old soul, naturally drawn to this way of life. But now, I finally understood my deep connection to old-fashioned living and (yes, still enjoying a few modern conveniences) returning to "the way things were."

Once I started waking up & learning all the things, I knew I had to share it. I wanted to help other people learn and experience this beautiful way of life, too.

So I started blogging as The Modern Pioneer Mom, then I opened The Healing Place, LLC &  founded The School of Innergy, which includes client sessions & a training program for Mind-Body Therapy & The Healing Arts.

In addition to making my own home cooked food & household cleaners, I also starting making body & skin care products which eventually turned into opening our shop, The Little Homestead Co. ~ a product line of The Healing Place.

Small family businesses like ours, and customers like you, are what keeps America going & growing... We are SO grateful you're here, and we'd love for you to stay connected with us through FacebookInstagram, & our awesome emails, which you can subscribe to on our homepage)!

In these Latter-days of ill-health, chaos & confusion, my hope is to help you separate from "the system," so you can enjoy a simpler, healthier, more wholesome & fulfilling lifestyle with like-minded humans who value Faith, Family, Freedom, &... Farma.

And that's not the end of the story...
Our daughter, Ashlynn, had the incredible opportunity as a teen, to travel to Kenya, Africa with 100 Humanitarians International ~ 3 times in 18 months. She paid for all of the trips herself, and it was a life changing experience for her. We became very close friends with Heidi Totten, the founder of 100 Humanitarians, & decided that this was the organization we wanted to give back to... A cultural center was built on the Massai Mara, and their efforts are focused on providing garden towers, water systems, milk goats & cows, beehives, life & business building skills, & more.

So please know, that when you purchase from our shop, you're also contributing to serving others by helping create health, freedom, & happiness, which is what life is all about.

~ Jennifer