Perfect for gift-giving, traveling, & storing your items
our bundles include a beautifully hand-stamped
cotton canvas
(drawstring or zipper) bag.

A Deeper Look

Honestly though, can we just get a little bit real for a moment? The thing is, life is too short to be weighed down by chronic disease, toxic-literally-everything, and all the nonsense being pushed on us by big pharma and their cronies. It's time to break free from the shackles of deliberate disinformation & unintended misinformation, and reclaim your health.

We're here to help you do just that, and we're committed to helping you learn how (and understand why)

First off, let's talk about those pesky toxins lurking in your everyday products. From aluminum-laden deodorants to toothpaste packed with fluoride, it's like a toxic cocktail being served up to your body every single day. 

“Um… what does this have to do with Bundles & Sets,” you ask? Well, hang on just another minute. We’ll get to that part.

With that, FEAR NOT. Our whole-body, non toxic deodorant is here to save the day, keeping you fresh and odor-free without any of the nasty chemicals. Yay! :)

But seriously, we really do provide the best non toxic deodorant for sensitive skin (and non sensitive skin!) because it not only works all day, but it won't make you burn! It's baking soda-free, and it's like a soothing balm for your pits (AND PARTS)... gentle, effective, and free from all the junk.


Conventional toothpaste may promise a dazzling smile, but at what cost? Fluoride-filled tubes of doom wreak havoc on your mouth, not to mention the rest of your body. But FEAR NOT (again). Our Perfect Pearlies™ Toothpaste is here to put the sparkle back in your smile, naturally. Say goodbye to fluoride & other nasty ingredients, and hello to healthier teeth and gums with our truly clean (no greenwashing here!), non toxic toothpaste. Your mouth & body will… finally… Thank you.

Let's also not forget about those luscious lips of yours. They deserve some TLC too, don't they? Our truly 100% natural, better than organic lip balm is like a hug for your lips – nourishing, hydrating, and oh-so-delicious. Made with many organic ingredients, & free from synthetic nonsense, it's the perfect companion for your pout. Battle those chapped lips of yours & beautiful your smile with our luscious Lip Balm.

And if that wasn't enough, our light but rich Body Butter is the ultimate indulgence for your skin, providing deep moisturizing and nourishment without any of the harmful chemicals found in conventional lotions. Made with love and care in small batches, our body butter is like a spa day in a jar – decadent, luxurious, and oh-so-good for you.

At this point if you’re still reading, THANK YOU.

And if you’re thinking – "But why should I trust you?" Well, let me tell you a little secret. We're not like the big corporations out to make a quick buck. We're a small family company with big dreams – dreams of helping people like you live their healthiest, happiest lives possible

And that's why we offer the products we do, including discounted mix & match bundles and thoughtful pre-curated sets for trial runs (aka sampling), traveling, and gift giving. Because we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, non-toxic products that won't break the bank.

Not convinced yet? Ok then, let’s try this: Our Sets & Bundles are like a Body & Skincare Buffet – to try or to give – offering simple variety, value, and convenience.


Raise your hand if you've ever tried to cram your entire skincare routine into a tiny TSA-approved bag (probably most of us)... Yeah, not fun. Luckily our mix & match bundles and sets are travel-friendly, so you can still "body care," even when you're away from home. We have everything you need to keep your teeth, pits, & skin happy and healthy on the go.


Do you have a naturally-healthy-body-loving friend or family member? Well then, you've found your place, right here... Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because, our bundled products make the perfect present for anyone who loves to live clean. And you can tailor your gift to suit their specific preferences,  or to help them try something fun & new! That could be our aluminum free deodorant or our fluoride free toothpaste. Whatever you choose, we’re confident that they'll thank you for it, because our products are truly unique.

It's time to say hello to “Hey, that was easy!” by mixing & matching your own bundles, or choosing our pre-picked sets for quick & simple health-centered shopping.

With that, I want to take a moment to share something a little more serious and close to my heart – the importance of clean, holistic body and personal care products for everyone, regardless of your age ~ or 2 genders. In a world where we're bombarded with chemicals and toxins at every turn, it's crucial to prioritize products that align with our values and honor the natural bodies that God gave us.


First and foremost, yes you do, because… deodorant & toothpaste, hello. Do you wanna be gross & stinky in 2 of your most important places?

Second, let's just debunk the myth that self-care is only for women. Men, you need to take care of yourselves too. And our children & babies deserve to benefit from clean, non-toxic products that nourish and protect their bodies as well. 

Skin is our body's largest organ, and what we put on our skin DOES MATTER. Our mouths are one of our main intake/detox systems too, so what we put in our mouths matters as well... From toothpaste, to deodorant, to other body and personal care products, there's never been a more important time in history to stay far away from harmful ingredients.


As conservative Christians ourselves, who, about 15 years ago, began waking up to the corruption we’ve been warned about quite literally since ancient days, we truly understand the importance of stewardship – taking care of the gifts that God has entrusted to us, including our bodies.

After 18 years of me (Jennifer) taking pharma drugs & struggling with over 20 health issues, it FINALLY clicked, and I & my family figured out that there was a much… much… much… better way. 

It's about honoring God's creation: #1 you, & #2 the earth and living in harmony with His design. And part of that stewardship means being mindful of the products we use and the impact they have on our health, well-being, environment, and future. News flash: Your choices actually do have a direct impact on the health & well-being of your children and grandbabies! Your present & future affect their present & future.

In recent years (thank goodness!), more & more like-minded people have woken up to the corruption and greed within the industry, with big corporations prioritizing profits over people's health. 

We’re all looking for cleaner, more natural alternatives that align with our values and beliefs. We’re all looking for ways to take a stand against industry corruption and reclaim control over our health and our bodies.

But beyond the practical reasons, there's also a deeper spiritual aspect to choosing a more wholesome way of life.. Honoring the temple that houses our spirit, treating our bodies with the respect and care they deserve. By nourishing our bodies with wholesome ingredients and avoiding harmful toxins, we're practicing self-love and demonstrating love for God and gratitude for the incredible gift of life that He has given us.

So, whether you're a man looking for a natural deodorant, a mom searching for gentle products for your children, or a simply an individual who’s woken up/is waking up and seeking to live in alignment with higher values, know that there are (RIGHT HERE!) clean, holistic options available to you. By choosing non toxic body care products, you're not only taking care of yourself, but you’re also making a bold statement to adversarial influences, and inspiring those who are looking for answers about what matters most – honoring God, protecting your health, and a focus on Faith, Family, Freedom, & Farma.

And guess what... We chose to go “beyond organic” & say no to USDA “certification,” so we could provide you with just that; health & freedom promoting products that won't make you die.

Not to mention the fact that The Bonus Is In The Bundle. ~ (Please tell me you caught that and giggled, just a little bit).

Enjoy shopping. :)