We joined PublicSquare, & it's a game-changer for ALL of us.

We joined PublicSquare, & it's a game-changer for ALL of us.
We did a thing... For more than 2 years, we've just sat back and observed. Wondering if (and hoping) it might go somewhere. Then a few weeks ago, we finally took the plunge and joined PublicSquare.
(Claps hands with big huge smile).  😁
We're so, so happy to be a part of THE Patriot shopping platform for Americans with Faith, Family, Freedom, & FARMa based values.

No "woke-ness" anywhere... Just wonderful Patriot customers & companies coming together for allllllllll the products & services you can imagine (not even kidding), in a place where we don't have to worry about questionable content or corrupt agendas.

They have both a website & an app... And in May of this year their consumer membership exploded & grew 300,000 (40%) in just ONE week. They're now at over 1.4 million!
Above is a screenshot of our PublicSq profile ~ (minus the banner photo, because that changes periodically). 

If you click on the the screenshot (or the button below), it'll take you directly to our PublicSq page (or ask you to create an account). Don't worry, it's easy & FREE.

We'd be really grateful if you'd give us a “like." Just click the little heart in the top right corner, and you'll see the number grow in the bottom left corner.

We've had so many new customers from PublicSq this past few weeks, & it's really exciting to watch our freedom-minded customer base GROW. 
The funny (totally unexpected) thing is, more than ¾ of our new PublicSq customers are men! It's kinda been making us think maybe we need to bring back the Beard Balm. Yes? 

Anyway, the more our likes grow, the more it helps us out! So if you don't mind, please go and give us your “heart. We promise, you already have ours.
Friends, we may have a “big” fight on our hands against Big Pharma & Big Brother. 

But remember, there's nothing “little” about about The Little Homestead Co. We're doing BIG things... by Small & Simple means. 

Together, we're taking back our health & freedom. This isn't a trend, it's a movement. Please stay with us.
~ Jennifer

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