Once your order is submitted, it is final, and we don't allow changes or cancellations.



Due to the nature of our natural products, they can't be restocked or resold when returned. For these hygiene & sanitation reasons, we don't accept returns or exchanges.

HOWEVER, if you are unhappy for any reason (other than melted/frozen items, shipping damage, or theft **addressed below**), please let us know, & we will work with you. We want our customers to have a positive experience, & we're grateful for positive reviews! 


We make it simple with Flat Rate & Free! ~ Most orders are USPS Ground Advantage or USPS Priority. Both options include $100 shipping insurance. On rare occasion, an order may be shipped through UPS.

48 Contiguous States:

  • Orders under $15 = $5.00
  • Orders $15-$49.99 = $7.95
  • Orders $50.00+ = FREE

Alaska/Hawaii ~ Due to increasing shipping costs beyond our control, we are not currently able to offer free shipping to Alaska/Hawaii. We have, however, kept our pricing simple and as minimal as possible. We work hard to make it affordable for both us AND you!

  • Orders under $50.00 = $7.95
  • Orders $50.00+ = $8.95

Orders generally ship within 2-4 business days (not including weekends & holidays). Sometimes it may take longer due to re-stocks, busy times, sales, holidays, or custom orders, but we get them out as quickly as we can. Transit times vary according to your location & the shipping company itself.


While our products are not "certified" organic, we do purchase our ingredients from a variety of certified organic, non-GMO, sustainable, & humane suppliers locally, & from around the world. We also purchase from small, family owned companies, whenever possible, & while not all of our ingredients are 100% organic, we try hard to purchase from companies who use organic practices.
There are very loose standards in the U.S. when it comes to the "organic" label, so we have chosen to go beyond that standard & worry more about where we source from, ingredient purity, & how we make our products, than whether or not they're certified by the U.S. government's "standards."
We are very selective with our ingredients & do our best to ensure that they are people & earth friendly. Our mission is to Bring Health Back to Nature & Nature Back to Health!

In 2020 we transitioned to glass jars for most of our products. Glass jars are healthier, and they can refilled or re-purposed & re-used for many other purposes, which we highly encourage you to do! If & when we do use plastic packaging, we work hard to find ones that are food grade & recycled.
Occasionally some of our products may melt or 'deflate' in transit, due to high outside temperatures. If & when this (rarely) happens, it is because we refuse to compromise with toxic emulsifying thickeners & fillers that hold products together.
We do what we can to package everything in a way that will prevent melting. However, if it melts (which can sometimes also change the texture), the quality of the product is not affected.

If the season is hot when you order, consider putting product in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes before opening. Some items (toothpaste, deodorant, body butter, etc.), may need to be stirred back up before using.

If your product deflates, it will look as if there is less in the container, but there's not. Deflation happens when it melts, because we whip some of our products, which creates tiny air bubbles that give volume & make it soft & fluffy.

If the season is cold, & your product arrives frozen/hardened, let sit in a warmer room to soften up a bit, before using. Optimal indoor temperature for most of our products us 68-75 degrees.


The FDA does not allow us to claim that our products "heal" or "cure" anything. So while many of our clients have reported improved conditions in their oral/body health after using our products, we make NO claims of this being due to the use of our products.

Often times when people switch from toxic chemically laden products to pure, earth-based non-toxic products, health automatically improves anyway.

While we are aware that the ingredients we use have been historically, scientifically, and experientially deemed as possessing healthful qualities & benefits, we make no such health claims about our products.

They are for cosmetic use only & may result in "appearances" of change or improvement, but we do not claim actual structural change or healing... Again, because the FDA does not allow us to.


Our products are made with healthy, non-toxic ingredients. However, we are not responsible for adverse reactions someone may experience. Ingredients are all listed on the website, as well as on product labels/packaging/inserts. Please check each time you order, as we continually work to improve our formulations & occasionally make small changes.

If you are sensitive to any ingredients listed, or if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical conditions, please 
talk with your health care provider before purchasing.



The statements made regarding our products & services have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The efficacy of our products & services have not been confirmed by FDA-approved research & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any & all information presented by The Healing Place, LLC (Missouri Homestead Co.) is not meant as a substitute for, or alternative to information from licensed healthcare providers. 

It is our legal position that any benefits you feel you may have received by using our products, are PURELY coincidental. Your health & well-being are your responsibility. Please consult your healthcare professional before using any of our products or services. Because our products are not tested & recognized by the FDA as "drugs", this disclaimer is required.