Expos & Gift Shows!

Expos & Gift Shows!

Owning family businesses, we've been doing shows for nearly 2 decades now & have even won Best-Booth/Best-of-Show awards. 

The set-up & take-down can be exhausting, but the decorating and connecting with customers who fall in love with our products are worth every minute. We go ALL-IN with our booths, and we do everything we can, to make our space very inviting & something that can't be missed! 

I wanted to share a few photos from a couple of our shows, right after & during booth set-up. Included are the small (single booth) version, and a large (double booth) version... some with products not yet on the shelves, & some with the shelves product filled.

Challenge - See if you can spot the little photo-bomb below. ;)



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